November 16, 2012

I bought a pattern ....

 ..... and in typical Kathy fashion - didn't follow it.  

I made some adjustments here, there and everywhere. 
And because I didn't buy enough fabric, my coat is also shorter than the pattern indicated.

 I lined my coat with silk, gave it pockets . . . 

 bought some really cool looking buttons . . . 

then pinned them on the coat.  
There the coat sits (collecting lint).

All this happened in September when it was 80. . . 
Now that it is 30 . . . button holes need to be made and buttons attached.

And on a side note, last night was guild night and members brought in first quilts.  I love hearing about how friends evolve into their passion.  Lots of puffy, tied, template cut quilts. 
 Great quilts and great stories about learning to sew. 

I'm thankful I learned to sew.  Mother taught me on the old singer in the cabinet. 
 We made matching green 'shifts'.  
I loved it.
So much so, that I kept sewing clothes for myself for a long time.  Mom, remember all those clothes?  And the prom dresses?!??!?!?!
I was lucky- I used to sew in the spare bedroom, or Grandpa's room we called it.  You could say I had my own sewing room back then, because I basically took it over. There were many times that Grampa would come stay with us and surely he had to step over my piles of stuff.  I distinctly remember mother telling me to "PICK THIS PLACE UP", then she decided shutting the door was a better option.
I am thankful I was allowed to foster my love of the art and craft of sewing.

Happy Weekend before Thanksgiving.
Thanks for stopping by during my
Take No Days Off November blogging challenge.


Crooked Gulley Art Quilts - Mary Couch said...

Beautifully done! Love the warm, comfy but chic look.

Debra Spincic said...

In the spirit of all moms everywhere, "Get that coat done now!" (and my mom would add, young lady!)

I put a side zipper in a pair of slacks 14 times before I got it right! My mother would go once a week to the ladies club and I had strict rules not to leave the house. She expected a serious amount of sewing to be done by the time she returned. It was all such an adventure; really a great part of my life.

(the code below is artsy 1)

MOM said...

Those were fun days...thanks for the nice memories...brought tears to my eyes. xo

McIrish Annie said...

your coat is lovely and will keep you warm once you can button it! I too am so grateful that I learned to sew as a girl. made lots of culottes, skirts, dresses and one prom dress (not my greatest work). It adds so much to my life.