February 8, 2010

...the odd bead bracelet

The creative cue over at Three Creative Studios last week was odd.
I thought I'd post a photo of my odd bead bracelet for the cue.

My birthday was in December and the boys gave me this cute little pouch.
Inside were beads and all of the components to make a bracelet.

I say the bracelet is odd, because there were a few beads of each color and I added a few extra odd beads. With all of the beads I was able to make the bracelet having three strands.
I like the odd number of strands.

The clasp they gave me was the little heart. I thought that was really neat.

The colors of the beads are bright and the silver beads have quilting like swirls.  The bracelet reminds me of a patchwork scrap quilt.


Terri Stegmiller said...

That is a gorgeous bracelet.

Beena said...

The colors and textures in your bracelet are stunning.

Love the woven hearts in your last post! Gorgeous!

Quilt Rat said...

Love those silver beads.........what a lovely gift, they know making those beautiful jewelry pieces brings you joy.

Createology said...

In the case of your bracelet "odd" is a very good thing. It is beautiful. Keep creating...

Sherri said...

oooooooo pretty's! and shiny's and beads, oh my! I love beads! I keep collecting them and can't bring myself to use them! lol

Raphaela said...

This is really nice.

Karen S said...

pretty bracelet -- nice interpretation of odd.

william lukas said...

Odd is beautiful.

Hope all is well, Kathy.