February 18, 2010

operation pillowcase. . .

My friend Debra is collecting pillowcases for Operation Pillowcase.
I told her "You can count on my son to make some pillowcases during school vacation."
It got to be Wednesday of this week and with play time, snow time, sports time and down time we hadn't touched the stack of fabrics yet.

Yesterday afternoon we got set up and started.

Together we worked. I cut the fabrics and pressed, he stitched the seams, finished the edges and flipped  right sides out.

After a few finished cases he asked "Can I keep this one?"  I liked that the sometimes surly, really 'cool' acting preteen still saw the value in a simple handcrafted pillowcase.  But I reminded him of our mission and why we were making the cases.

 After awhile I could tell he was growing tired of the sewing.  And even though there were more fabrics to stitch, I didn't want to press my luck. It was time for him to do something else.  But before he went off,
 we stacked and counted our work. Together, we had made 12 pillowcases. 

I knew he was proud and I was proud of him.

When he wasn't looking I made him this.

Today is a new day and I think we can easily tackle the next stack of fabrics.

I mentioned Operation Pillowcase to the women in Guild. I know a few members will be bringing cases to the meeting tonight.  My friend Susan dropped off a stack she had made.  Working together I think we can help Debra put a dent in the next call for cases. It looks like they will need 500 for the next unit. 


Anonymous said...

How AWESOME is THAT? You have a great little guy there! Hope he likes HIS pillowcase! ;-)

Debra said...

You and your son are TOTALLY RAD!!

and you can tell him that too!!

xoxoxo, thanks so much, Kathy!!

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

Nice job TS! How cool is that?! We have been doing some sewing over here, our next project are some pillow cases for your effort.

mamas*little*treasures said...

Hi Kathy - just wanted you to know that I've posted an article about Operation Pillowcase on the blog for Ruby for Women online women's magazine, and I've included a picture of your pillowcases with a link back here to your blog. Stop by and take a peek! Thanks, Nina @ Ruby for Women

artfuldesigns said...

I'm planning on helping my friend Nina in March. I have tons of fabric packed away being unused. I'd like to post something about this at work. I work in an ER with lots of veterans and veterans wives. I'm pretty sure they would love to help. Do you have some kind of flyer that I could print out to hang up?
Send me an email.

Jaye said...

You and your son ROCK! Great project. I saw that one of the sons of one of the Lizzie B girls organized a pillow making day for his boy Scout Eagle Project. I thought that was really great.