September 10, 2010

Caribelle Batik Bag

Using the Caribelle batik fabric I finally finished the string back packs.
The batik is Sea Island Cotton and has a beautiful hand meant for lightweight clothing.  Because of the lightness and silk-like feeling, the batik required quilting in order to be used in a bag.

The blue bag has straps made from webbing and the green bag's straps are fabric covered clothesline.

(and, to those friends who know i have a collection of clothesline waiting to be turned into a bag...
i think you will have to keep waiting-
i had my fill of covering just two lengths for the straps.  i do not like that process and it shows....
 it will continue to sit in the pile and mock me, or i guess could string it between two trees and actually hang laundry?)

But, anyway, on with the post. . .

All the string back packs have plastic grommets rather than the traditional metal.  The plastic is easy to use and I think they look okay for this type of bag.

The batik fabric was purchased at Caribelle Batik, Romney Manor on St. Kitts.
The manor sits right aside the rain forest and is a beautiful hidden treasure.

Everything about this place was a feast of color and texture.   The heat of the day was intoxicating but with a gentle breeze that smelled waxy from the ongoing batik process.

I loved every minute of it . . .


Vicki W said...

Great bag and great photos!

Sherri said...

I've read all the entries up to today (Friday) I always enjoy your photography!

I've done Inchies too! Last Christmas I was involved in an Inchie Ornament swap. What fun! They are so cute and charming. I like how you used them.

I use clothesline cording to make rugs with. I had never thought about covering them to use as 'handles'

Thanks for all the inspiring postings!