September 13, 2010

planting seeds. . .

. . .  an inch at a time.

In the beginning of the summer 13 friends swapped inchies. 
We sent them off to eachother and it was great fun when one would randomly arrive in the mail.

We all made a little something with our collection and yesterday I was able to see some of the girl's work.  What a riot of color! 
Later in the week I'll show you some pictures of the little gems.

Planting Seeds is what I call my little piece.
I loved making it.

The fabrics I used were mostly from the Cherrywood collection and some from my own hand dyes.  Working with super bright palette was a treat.

Each inchie has it's own square . . .

. . . and is attached with a small piece of velcro so the inchies can be viewed from the back. Notice the baseball on the back of this one. 

Each is different, but all work together.

Because I exercised some bad inchie swap behavior, and was the last to send mine out -
I included a small inchie envelope.

Mine is attached to the back of my quilt and I'll make a small inchie label with our names to put inside.

My plan is to make tabs and hang the quilt from a little wooden ruler I have in my collection.

I would do this again it was fun.


Karen S said...

What a clever way to display your inchies. I really like the color palette you used.

Deb Levy said...

I love this Kathy! A very clever way indeed to display them. I struggled for months trying to come up with a way to display mine.

The feather"rainbow" and the bubbles are just wonderful! And the quilting luscious as always.

Vicki W said...

Very clever! I still haven't done anything with mine.

Quilt Rat said...

WOW what an absolutely stunning way to show off these inchies.