September 2, 2010

the flower quilt

A reader asked if I would share information about the flower quilt in the side bar.  The picture above is the completed quilt as it hangs.

Funy thing about this quilt is- it is a combination of other projects that didn't work out.
The background was the beginnings of a hand bag which I did not like, so using all kinds of paints and foils I covered the fabric.

The flowers and leaves were from another project that was also heading no where. .... I pirated them for this.

They were made using fabric scraps and stitched over water soluable stabilizer.  Once the stabilizer was removed, paint was added.

Stems were added to the background and I placed the flowers and leaves as I liked.

Everything is stitched down using a variety of threads. But, you can see the flower petals are left loose and that is what gives it dimension.

Thanks for reading and I can't believe I have been keeping this blog for two years!


Debra said...

Well it turned out great!

Sabine said...

It is absolutely fantastic!!!