January 20, 2011

just for fun . . .

. . .  a few weekends ago I went to a workshop hosted by Inkaboutit and taught by Jane Davies.
We learned how to design and create little collage boxes using foam core.

I wasn't sure what to expect so I brought some green colored paper scraps and some of my vintage lace and sewing collectibles.

It was fun figuring out how to display some of the items.

You can see some vintage lace in the window. 
And the two pieces in the doorway - I put behind microscope glass.

One of the workshop girls happened to have old pattern tissue so she gave me some to use and it was the perfect addition.

The rusty metal thing below has been in my collection box for awhile. I knew I was saving it for something . . .

The image in the window was taken from a 1922 Needlecraft Magazine. I put it behind a little piece of transparency. If you peek closely -  can you can see two ladies sitting and stitching!

This was something different and fun to learn.
I think maybe I'll take apart my shadow boxes of sewing collectibles and make additional collage boxes.
It's a neat way to display stuff you love.

Inkaboutit is a great little store!


Connie Rose said...

Just fantastic, Kathy...I love it!

ju-north said...

So unusual and unique!

Quilt Rat said...

This is very cool! and what a great excuse to collect those wonderful little bits that call out to us and seem to follow us home.


McIrish Annie said...

what a great project! will look into finding a class like that around me. Your box came out beautiful.

Joan said...

What a wonderful way to use your collections.