January 14, 2011

a peak inside the sketchbooks . . .

. . .  and there are several.

-below is a little sketch of a wall quilt I'll be making.  Here, I just have a few ideas down and it is more cartoon like, but if I commit to this design I'll draw it out larger and begin to make templates of the pieces.  When I don't do this I find I can get lost and often abandon the piece all together.

  I don't often add color to my sketchbooks but this bottle of lotion, in real life, is the most magnificent shade of blue that I may eventually add some water color.

Since starting the Fiberactions group a year ago, I've kept one sketchbook with only ideas and concepts for those projects. 
Below is a quick sketch for my environment piece.

The sketchbook below isn't really an artist's sketchbook, but a book of graph paper - I'm not picky, so I've filled it with doodles and quick sketches.

I was going through a book from last year and came across this doodle. It's from one of Jaye's prompts: sterling. 
I remember this is what prompted me to get into using charcoals. I'd love to draw a silver place setting . . .
. . . it's on the bucket list.

My husband gave me this cool little leather paper case years ago. It's for important notes and such, but seeing I never really have anything important to write down when I'm on the go - I use it for doodling.
I doodled this guy when I was waiting for my son at school one afternoon. 

The sketchbook challenge has been great fun so far. 
Go check it out here!

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Quilt Rat said...

LOVE them........every single one. Isn't it fun to look back and see what you have is like buried treasure!