September 5, 2008


Yesterday a few of the sistahs got together for some chatting and sewing time. We are a diverse group of women who found each other through our love of quilting. When we can, we try to get together to share our stories (good and bad) and gain quilting inspiration. We are as different as we are alike. I worked on finishing the blocks for my friend Alex's quilt. It is his graduation quilt which he will get some time during this freshman year.... hopefully sooner than later. The blocks in the picture look ugly but up close they are combination of unusual fabrics that I had collected for another project. I re-purposed them into Alex's quilt as he likes brown. I used my beloved Featherweight (a story for another day) to piece the blocks. I think I will quilt it with circles; simple, quick and fun.
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lizap said...

I really like the modern look of this quilt. It's beautiful!

Your blog looks great, I will definitely be adding it to my blogroll!

Happy blogging! -Elizabit

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Hey Elizabit-Thanks. Good to see you here! I still have a lot to figure out...
Happy stitching!