September 30, 2008

Fall into good things.

It was fun to give Alex his quilt this past weekend. He certainly has spent enough time at our house that he knows I love to make quilts for people. We gave it to him right before he headed back to school. Even though the weather felt more like summer than fall; he looked pretty happy to be taking his warm quilt back with him. I ended up quilting it with circles, using circle templates and the circle tool from the design station of my machine. I hadn't used the design station before and this was a good opportunity to play around with it. It was okay, but not something I want to use too often. I like using circle templates better and if I had a larger set I think I would have nixed the design station all together and finished all the circles using the larger templates. Using the design station required me to use the back side of the machine which really isn't my preference. It seemed I did a lot of walking back and forth to check my starts and stops. I didn't feel I had the accuracy I did with the templates. As it turned out I ended up back tacking my stitches as opposed to tying and burying at the starts and stops. All in all I liked how it turned out and was happy to finally give it away to Alex. Hopefully, he will enjoy it for many years to come.

Also, a friend of mine is considering a little side catering business. She is the best cook and baker I know. I'm positive her adventure will prosper deliciously.

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Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

So glad he liked the quilt, it was really beautiful. Sad to see some of the varment fabrics go but maybe you can put some in the postcard fabric swap?