September 24, 2008


yesterday, I had my ipod and cell phone in my hand. I dropped my cell phone at least three times. Not good, kind of like sitting on my sunglasses again.... I remembered I had a cell phone bag kit that I was going to make for this exact purpose. "Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag". Marketed as "Easy, Fast and Smart". It's true, this project is so quick and easy... until you realize you've stitched the black hook and loop closure too far down on the front of the pouch. Hence the leaf 'cover up' and fiber stuff (that was sitting around waiting to be used). And while I was at it- a few crystals, which gives it a nice sparkle in real life, but don't show up very pretty in a photo.

Also, yesterday was QOV sewing day with the kids. We have half 0f the quilt blocks made. Next week we will begin to sew the blocks together to make a few rows. I know they are looking forward to seeing it come together. We cut our sewing day short as our Gal Pal was heading out to the Red Sox game with her friend's family. Ahhh... I knew I could work this in here somehow..... The Red Sox clinched their playoff spot last night.

Things are good.

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