October 1, 2008

Proud Stitchers

Yesterday was QOV sewing day. We are more than half-way finished! The kids have really felt a sense of pride in their work. They experienced the magic a quilter feels when sewing the blocks into rows and rows into the quilt top. "We did all of that?" they asked. Yes, in fact they had. I helped a little with the long seams of the rows, but they had done the rest. Maybe, there were a few chopped points and a seam or two did not line up perfectly, but only an experienced eye would ever notice. We talked about mistakes and how they happen. And, as we went we checked our work fixing only the mistakes that really mattered; skipped stitches, puckers or very scant seams. Over time we get better with our skills and the kids are surely on their way. With out a doubt this quilt will make someone feel very special. It is made with smiles, laughter and most of all loving hearts.
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