October 6, 2008

Diamond Dilemma

What I was doing while listening to (the Sox loose ) the game......

Well, first, I dyed some additional fabrics during the day. I came up with some ugly unusable colors and some pretty shades of pink, bluish/purple, purplish blue and green to add to my collection. After some thought; I committed to using a diamond shape for the background, I began to cut the diamonds out and place them on the "design floor." Then, I played around with the colors. I first oriented the diamond points from right to left. I liked it, but thought I might like it better going from top to bottom and so I tried it that way.... I still don't know. I am looking to get a lighter section in the center area. I think the shading is a little harsh at the top and botom corner. Some of it is due to the light and camera angle, but really it needs some more fussing around with.

Here's to another (long) night of wondering how the diamond dilemma will play out.

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