December 4, 2008

A Charming Quilt

This Charm quilt is king sized and while the owner said 'it was not a true charm quilt as it had a few duplicate fabrics," I was hard pressed to find them. Historically, charm quilts were made from hundreds of fabrics, all different. These quilts date back to the 1800's making a resurgence during the 1920's when quilting became a passion and hobby for many women. And, again in the past 10-12 years when online sites, stores and guilds hosted charm fabric swaps. While charm quilts are said to have all different fabrics, there is a theory that some did contain duplicates. The charm quilt with duplicates was used on the bed of a sick child and he/she would find the duplicate fabrics during their convalescence, much like our contemporary 'Eye Spy' quilts. Perhaps this is myth, but the story is charming and I know several woman who have made eye spy quilts for this exact purpose, today.

You may find out how to participate in a Charms for Charity project by clicking here.

Enjoy the day!
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Carla said...

Kay, love your quilting on this one!! Well done as always!