December 17, 2008

Some Holiday Fun Items

This is Pete. He made a quick get away from his cage over to the tree in the kitchen. He looked right at home with the silk birds which decorate the kitchen tree.

This is Wicked Old Santa. In his back used to be a crank, when you turned it he would laugh. As a kid, I remember cranking him like mad and cracking up right along with him.

Well, I said I would post a picture of a tacky Holiday sweater, but decided to go with the jewelry instead. There is more, however, it just hasn't surfaced this season. (which probably isn't a bad thing)

Ahhh, and last but not least- who knew there was such delightfully, tacky, bovine holiday kitsch. These lovely items are only part of a 'collection' which was given to me by the 'sistahs'. Perhaps on another slow blogging day we can get into that whole story. As for now, I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season.

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