December 24, 2008

-Holiday Cheer-

The little tree in my sewing room. I love it.

More Dominoe Books with holiday greetings. Each of the holiday books was given a string to attach to a tree or hang as a decoration. These are so fun to make and give as gifts.

Spiced nuts, cranberry nut bread, gingerbread and a Dominoe are some of the gifts this year. At the last minute I found the idea of Heat Therapy Wraps on Carla's (Feathered Fiber's) blog. Youngest, who is sick with a cold and stiff neck, has worn the sample around his shoulders for most of last night and already this morning. I have a few more to make today and will try differnt sizes. Such a great little gift item.

Went out shopping around with oldest the other night. It was fun; the hustle and bustle of traffic and crowds. It was Holiday mayhem and as crazy as it felt, being together was nice. We bought these beautiful flowers and first the pollen from the lillies ended up on his face. It was funny, he had a pollen mustache. Then it ended up on my face and was funnier, I didn't need a pollen beard. We chuckled. And then yesterday I put my coat on, I chuckled again at the memory, there the pollen was all over my collar.

Enjoy the Holiday like every day.

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