December 20, 2008

More Holiday Cheer

The holiday quilt gets hung going up the stairs. I use 3m Command strips to hang a lot of the quilts I switch out over the seasons. You can pick them up at Lowes or Home Depot in the picture hanging section. The heavier quilts require more strips, but they never damage the quilt or the paint on the walls. I ran out of strips with the holiday quilt, so the creases really are noticeable. Had I used more strips it would have a better look. My son's nutcracker collection lines the steps. (and ST if you look closely at the railing you will see one of the blue peacocks... I love her).

The Gingerbread House. I never said they were architects.....There were problems with the dough this year, resulting in some breaking and cracking. Using team work and some expert engineering they were able to maintain a sound structure. The other side of the house is better looking, but I couldn't get that photo to post. And, yes there is a sticky film on the counter that will last for days.....

We had these elf guys hanging on our tree growing up. My parents still put them on their tree. They gave us this one when Joe and I married which will be 20 years in January. It seems like yesterday.

We were blessed with some snow yesterday. Youngest sat in the window anxiously awaiting for the flakes to fly. Finally.... he went out and enjoyed the afternoon with his gal pal and her little brothers. And thanks to mom for the 'boot bail out.' Out my sewing room window this morning were two beautiful blue jays, by the time I was ready to take their picture only this little fella remained.

Enjoy the day.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog! I have a question about your command strips. I use them for photos and never thought of using them for quilts. My question is what is on the back of your quilt that attaches to the command strip. Great idea - thanks so much - I can start hanging more of my quilts!

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by the blog. I stick the strips right on the wall making sure they are level, then I stick the quilt right on the strips. There are a few types of strips... some for posters, pictures etc. look at the packages and see what they say. The larger quilts requre more strips, but I don't put anything on the quilt itself, just the strip. Hope it works for you. I've never had trouble with them.