May 22, 2009


A fellow 'Sistah', JZ, went to Brimfield last weekend and scored this selection of vintage buttons for me. Brimfield is a fabulous antiques market hosted in Brimfield MA, 3 times/year. If you are into that kind of stuff, check it out here.

Asked "What will you do with all those buttons?" Nothing is started, but I have something in mind-using my vintage gloves and buttons. I use the buttons occasionally, on different pieces. But mostly, I just collect them for now. I don't collect fabric, like most quilters....I like to collect vintage sewing stuff.

Shadow boxes filled with my husband's grandmother's sewing notions and 'stuff.'
The pictures aren't great, but the tatting pieces you see, are little scraps found in her sewing machine drawers. I never found anything larger, so I only have the scraps; which are just as beautiful as a finished project, in my opinion.
So last night was Guild night and we had Jeanne Williamson as a guest. Between 1999 - 2005 she completed a self challenge where she made one mini quilt/ week. Her methods were non traditional, it was interesting to see how she changed and developed ideas through the weeks/years. She also used non traditional items to stitch on, print with or paint over. She had some really neat ideas as we look into 'greener' ways as we create our fiber art. Her blog is here and from there you can find info about her projects.
Hopefully, you will get to do some creating, collecting, relaxing, reflecting or whatever you enjoy doing, over this Memorial Holiday weekend. I plan to do all of the above with lots of baseball mixed in.

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Beena said...

I'm envious of your button collection! Very envious! And the shadow boxes are great!

I had a weird green idea about cutting up plastic bottles into tiny shards, poking a small hole in them to thread through, and painting them with acrylics and glitter to use them as embellishments in art quilts. They now sell batting made from recycled plastic bottles. We have to do something to fix this mess of a planet for future generations!

Have a blast with baseball over the weekend! we're getting flooded here in Florida, and all I want to do is stay in and sew!

Junie said...

I'm glad you like them! When I looked through that bag of buttons...such shiny, pretty things...the crow in me wanted to feather my nest with them! I may have to get some of my own to play with. I know I've seen some cool clothing decorations with them. Like this: