May 19, 2009


-On the screen -

-At the feeder-

-On the ground-

(who invited the furry guys? seriously.)

-In the garden-

-At the machine-

(making his Patrick Henry social studies costume. Using his new Janome Jem he won from his Kids Can Quilt entry in MQX!)

-In the Pool-

Oooops..... Pool water gone bad. With some good advice from a friend, hopefully, I can have that cleared up.....

-In the tree-

I'm reminded of when the eldest at 5yrs. or so, collected thousands of caterpillars in a coffee can. He insisted on taking them with us on a day trip and we were going to let them loose. Driving along, I look back and he had fallen asleep - how sweet. ohmygosh! The lid was off the can and they were everywhere!

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Beena said...

Too cool that he won a Janome!

The "caterpillars escape" story sounds almost scary!!! I'd have had goose bumps for weeks afterwards every time I got in the car. guess I'm a little squeamish!

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

I was driving with the windows down last summer and a big ball of black spiders blew in the front passengers seat window! I was freaking out...

love all the wildlife, I had to put some deer keep away stuff because they are eating all our hosta's! no flying squirrels though:)

Debra said...

Living with boys is always an adventure! I love that your son is sewing.