May 28, 2009

~Mermaid Jacket~

A jacket I made a few years ago. The mermaid is hand painted and appliqued. Her hair- layers of thread stitched to water soluble stabilizer, soaked and stitched to her head. The seaweed- attached using the opposite side of the fabric and stitching over drawn lines on Totally Stable. A technique learned from Linda Schmidt. The edges were satin stitched on the front using various fancy threads. The scenes are not stiff as no fusible was used.

The treasure chest- created using a drawn image on white muslin and painted with puff paint. (Yes, the old fashioned stuff we used to paint sweatshirts and t-shirts with.) By not allowing the puff paint to puff completely, it looks like weathered wood. When dry it was painted and assembled and stitched using both invisible machine and hand stitching.

There are loads of beads and hand embroidery. I was playing around with some camera settings in these photos.... when I get that figured out, I'll post additional close ups. I don't wear this jacket, but it is one of my favorite pieces. I loved making it.

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Vicki W said...

Beautiful work!

Beena said...

I was thinking the other day, I could JUST do mermaid quilts and not bother with any other kind! They are that fun. I have made four others before the one I'm working on now.
I love all the underwater detail in your jacket...I can almost hear the sound of water bubbles and the underwater whooshing sounds!
The first one I did had hand dyed silk ribbons in it that I fashioned into an underwater garden along with beads. So much fun embellishing it.
You should at least wear this jacket when you go to a quilt show!

Debra said...

You certainly are multi-talented and use a lot of different techniques well in your work.