May 30, 2009

Colors of the week.

~This morning's sky blue~

~Jack's well loved blue and white~

I don't know Jack, but he sent me a cute picture of himself asking if I could rescue his blanky. I'm turning it into a little quilt for him.

It won't be too much longer, Jack.... I know you're waiting....

~Bright Primary~

One of the finishes from this week. This fabric is darling. It's from the Very Hungry Caterpillar collection.

~Nuclear Blue~

The pool water this morning- It's been upgraded from black to blue. Progress. Weird though, every time I look out I expect steam and aliens to emerge.

~Topsy Turvy~

A Mother's Day gift and everyone is watching, will the delicate, yellow flowers be next and then the tomatoe reds? I think so.

~Water Lily~
First of the season.The sun will hit it later, it will open- it's pink and yellow inside.

Can't wait.

And last but not least - basic black.

Patrick Henry posing in the Wax Museum. The hat and jacket were made by him using his own sewing machine (braggin' here). When the button on the desk was pressed, he stood and recited info about himself. Well done Patrick.

1 comment:

Beena said...

Your Patrick Henry should be very proud of sewing up the costume. He has a very serious reflective he dreaming of his next project? Is he reflecting on his role in history? (giggling) What a handsome young man.

Love the other pics. Especially that "nuclear blue"!