May 5, 2009

Perfect Practice Piece

This little bag is the perfect size if you need to practice out a quilting design or just want to quilt up some scrap fabric.

It has a removable clip and is intended to hang on a golfer's bag. For something fun, a quilted zipper pull was added.

The opening is the perfect size for a hand to slip in and grab a tissue, bug spray, snack or the score card and pencil.
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Beena said...

I love the zipper pull! nice touch!

At some point, I started to think of everything I do as a "practice piece"! LOL I know it sounds funny, but it's true. It doesn't seem to matter what it is, or where it ends up, they all seem like practice pieces to me. Even the ones that ended up in shows...

Jackie said...

Those small projects seem to be a great confidence builder...i just need to find the time for them! Love your quilting pattern!