June 6, 2009

Charms and Quilting Marked Lines

More colorful charms to add to the bracelet. I'll hitch them on later today, while watching kids baseball. Yeah, we are the dorks who sit on the side... He doing his word puzzles and me fidgeting with something or another, today it will be charms. Multitasking is a good thing, you know.

A search found the charm article I was thinking about- Jan/Feb 2009 issue#22 of Cloth Paper Scissors. It included adorably, crafted charms with directions on how to make polymer clay charms. This review of the article is quite timely as the kids will be out of school next week, and I know one in particular who will be rummaging for something crafty to do.

Below is the quilt I marked with that slick pencil I posted about the other day. JZ wanted a Shashiko look in the black strips, so I'm having some fun putting in the different designs and shapes.

A few cranes were requested, the threads are not tied off, but you can get the general idea.

The pencil will wipe away nicely where school chalk (which I also love to use) would leave a little thicker line and take more rubbing effort to remove.

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Vicki W said...

Your quilting looks great!

Junie said...

I am doing the happy dance!! Love the designs you're using. I can't wait to see the finished quilts!

Beena said...

Love the designs on the black strips, especially the birds. I have always wanted to make stuff using the polymer clay. Have you ever been to this blog? Check it out:

She does some amazing stuff with the polymer clay, not to mention a lot of other materials. A lot of how to info, as well. It's amazing. That will get you charged up for polymer clay fun!