June 15, 2009

Laundry Day Quilting

Having seen the use of dryer sheets here, I started to wonder about the possibility of using them for the butterfly piece (aka blue project). Going through the stash of stabilizers, a piece of heavy wt., cut away was fused to the dryer sheet. Teflon sheets were used or the dryer sheet quickly melted. Mixing Aloe gel and a textile paint, the pieces were painted and left to dry on a rack, then heat set.

Once dry, petals were cut and flowers were tacked down using a drop of Aqua Glue. Detail work will be added when the stems are satin edged. A tear away stabilizer will be used on the back.

Normally, the stems would be satin edged first and then the flowers added. But, because time is of a premium these days, the entire piece will be satin edged as a unit. I'm not sure how the flowers will hold up, but it was fun to play around with dryer sheets and add a little dimension to the piece.


Vicki W said...

What beautiful flowers!

Beena said...

Love the dreamy quality of the flower petals...beautiful colors!