June 17, 2009

Simple Crayon Keeper

I have seen these little crayon keepers for awhile cruising the web or in sewing publications. I didn't use any one set of directions, but just kind of measured and cut as I thought it would be a good size. I put a thin layer of batting on the inside, fused it down and stitched the layers together - pillow case style. The crayons are held in place with a long strip of felt after seams were sewn vertically. The slots can hold either one or two crayons neatly.

I recall the keepers I've seen had a ribbon tie to wrap around and house the roll tidy. I'm sending this to Jack and I don't know for sure, but don't think his little fingers can tie yet. A button and elastic closure was used and after a few tries, I bet he will be able to take care of his colors independently.

Today- summer vacation officially starts. Last night; one artistic child mentioned he would like to go places and draw pictures of what he sees. How can I argue with that request? But first, he will be making his own art pencil keeper, he will be able to take care of his supplies - independently. By goochying the measurements slightly and choosing his own fabric, this will make a very smart pencil keeper.

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SewCalGal said...

I too have seen this and made variations. But I really like yours a lot. Great choice of fabrics.

Thanks for sharing it! Maybe you could write an "how to" article sometime.


Beena said...

This is a project that might be good for kids of all ages (ahem!) I sure wish I could get my art supplies bundled and tidied up better! Thanks for posting. I think it's great to have kids making these!