November 10, 2009

more vintage buttons

I strung some beads and used more of the vintage buttons to make a necklace.

The glass buttons are hard to find. They are my favorites.  There is a tiny sweet pink button attached to the end by the key. And two tiny ivory buttons, the old threads still attached.

I love making stuff with these charming old buttons.
Judy  chose the first theme word for the Fiberactions challenge. Go on over and read what she had to say. Then remember to check back on 1/15/10 for the 13 reveals!

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Susan said...

This necklace is absolutely beautiful! I would have never thought to use vintage buttons this way. Thanks for sharing your idea!

Libby Fife said...

I do like those pieces-they have a really elegant yet funky feel to them.

The header looks great too. I like this one best so far, not only for the subject but for the size too. Seems just right:)