November 20, 2009

not much new to report

 Most of the Nutcrackers are completely dressed but are hairless and faceless. As I start to satin edge them down, I'll decide on the faces.  Still fussing with their angry looking mouths.   

The finished table quilt.
It was fun to work on.  I recently had a conversation with someone about stippling as a 'fill'.  I'm not opposed to stippling. I still like it, it works.  I think traditional stippling has taken a back seat because there are so many beautiful fills being used. I'm not sure all quilts require the intricacy of beautiful fill work.  What do you think? 
(ed note- this quilt is Louise's see previous post.)

I decided why I don't post many finished quilts. Getting the quilting to show in the photos and look good is hard. Lots of taking and retaking pix. I'd rather be quilting.  These were taken with the side light on, overhead off and camera flash off.

Happy Quilting!


Stitch-n-quilt said...

This looks like a beautiful runner. I do love your quilting and your applique. Would like to see the whole thing

Kay said...

Both of these are beautiful! I agree with you about stippling; it can be a perfectly fine fill. The fill should not take over the quilt.

Late afternoon daylight with sun from an angle work well, I've found. I think what you did with side light and no overhead light is about the same.

Deb said...

beautiful quilting!...the photo shows it off well.

Quilt Rat said...

Gorgeous! Yes it is always difficult to get the quilting to show well in photos. But we all KNOW that photos never do the work justice.
I LOVE to stipple. I enjoy doing lots of different fill patterns but I feel there is always a place for stippling.

SewCalGal said...

Oh how very beautiful. And I agree about the stipling.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

Kathy your quilting is fabulous!

Beena said...

The nutcracker quilt is coming along great. I love all the color that's in it. Very striking. I look forward to seeing it progress more!

And the other quilt is gorgeous and your quilting has made it extraordinary.

I do like stippling as a fill. The only time I dislike it, is when it is the large scale type meandering done over the entire surface of some quilts that would have really benefitted from a more imaginative treatment.

Debra said...

I love the nutcrackers too! I am sure it's a hard decision about which designs to use for a machine quilting job; but, yours here looks great.

Deb H said...

Stunning quilting, REALLY beautiful! WOW!

Maybe you should give the nutcrackers little smiles:)

Sherri said...

Ok...I give up! People leave nice comments on my stuff all the time but I am SO not even close to being able to quilt as good as you! What an artist!

I am still leaving the little nests on the underside or the little cut ends on the top side, or the ... the list goes on and on.

I am either going to have to give it up or give myself permission that I will never be even close to a quilting arteeeest, such as yourself!!! are SO GOOD at it! lol