March 18, 2010

catching up...

Our 2010 quilt show is behind us and I've spent the past few days catching up....
Below is my Machine Quilter's Expo piece which has been waiting for some of my attention. I'm almost finished and when I am, I'll post a photo.  Don't forget to check out Machine Quilter's Expo at their new
Providence, RI location..  It's always an inspiring show.

This past Monday was the Fiberactions theme word reveal. 
Below is one of my entries that I decided not to go with. 
The patchwork background is a communication board.  My background is in Speech Language and Special Needs Education...

I patched squares together and then used letter stamps to stamp out words which would be typical on a communication board.  Below you can see the word happy.  Over the board I stitched a layer of tulle and pink cheesecloth.

Using my hand dyed fabrics I die cut the flower shapes then  layered them with batting to give them dimension.  They were stitched to the background and the dyed lace was used as an accent.

My inspiration was the same... Communication through fiber and stitch, but I think this piece looked backwards while the other looked forwards. so I went with it.... 

I bought a package of Lutrador from Friends Fabric Art; a vendor we had with us at our show. 
 I want to make some cards, so this morning I painted a few sheets of the Lutrador and put them out on the step to dry.

When I went to check them in the sun, I found this babe.  My guess is, she is trying to get a jump start on spring like the rest of us.

Happy Spring Day!


Kay said...

Both your Fiberactions pieces are lovely, Kathy.

Debra said...

I definitely love this spring communications piece--excellent use of the doilies too!

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

So glad you showed the communication board quilt, I love that one. I still can't believe you hand stamped each letter in the words.

Jaye said...

A long time ago I took a class from Mary Mashuta. She taught us a technique for backgrounds called Pushed Neutrals. I always loved the idea of using different, but similar fabrics for a background. I see the same idea with the backgrounds of your quilts in this post. Really nice work.

I'd love to know how you add the pockets to the pencil rolls. Thanks.