March 19, 2010

...spring has sprung

and so have the peepers in my backyard......

With the changing seasons I like to change the quilts that we hang in and around our house.  This quilt was a guild challenge from a few years ago.  I was required to use the color blue and so I did.  I think I've posted this before, but seeing it celebrates spring and summer - I thought I'd show it again.

I was inspried by the memories of the pond across the street from my great grandmother's house. 

Our challenge this year is 'escape with me' and I haven't decided on a design yet.  We will reveal our quilts at our July meeting. 

 Sometime soon I'll post photos of all of my guild challenges.   


Sue Bleiweiss said...

Love this quilt!

Vicki W said...


Debra said...

I've been doing some spring rearranging too at my house. It's turning into a bunch of work! Lovely piece!