January 5, 2009

Dyed Silk Ribbon

A pile of silk ribbon I dyed using shaving cream as the dye bath. It was fun and I will do it again - only next time, I will use an unscented shaving cream. The scented stuff smells good at first, but after 24hours of it- it gets to be sickening. I was going to use the ribbons to make silk flowers, the silk is very flimsy and the edges are unfinished, therefore they look messy. I will fuse two layers together and see how that works. If that doesn't work, into the scrap bin the ribbons will go for post cards or whatever else might come up.

Some Cone flower appliques for the diamond pieced quilt.

Yellow Sundrops or Evening Primrose I'm calling these. I added orange for dimension and don't like it.... And, yes, someone accused me of angsting over color. I am.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I'm not sure if you are buying the silk ribbon cut or are cutting your own.
You will solve your fraying (mesy) problem if you dye the fabric with your shaving cream first and then cut it into bias strips.
Fusing can interfere with the penetration of the dye. This could be a bad thing or it could be a good thing, depencing on the effect you are pleased with.

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

Hi Kathy,

Your flowers are gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I miss you, hope to see you soon!