January 22, 2009

Plugging The Finest

A friend and local business owner Karen Wheet, of The Finest Gourmet in Mendon, MA.

The Finest is known for it's ready-to-go home cooked meals. Such a nice alternative to the brightly colored take out eateries we see everywhere..... The Finest offers delicious 'take out' restaurant quality meals you get to eat in the comfort of your own home. Lunches, salads, dinners, desserts and more.... Karen was recently featured in the local paper and the above picture was taken by Melissa Ostrow.

Behind Karen is a quilt I made for her to hang in the shop. Our boys played on a summer baseball team together and we got to talking about what type of art she wanted to hang in the shop. She asked if I would make a quilt for the shop. Below is the quilt as it hung in our guild show last spring. (Do you believe I don't have a better picture of it?... (note to self--- always photograph quilts before they leave the house and next show- we need to do a better job of hanging the description tags.)

I loved making this quilt, a combination of hand and machine applique. The bottles are fabrics with a shear organza overlay to make them look like glass. The basket- a wool suiting fabric with a leather strap and the fruits/vegetables are all fabrics with paint to add highlights. Each of the objects is a three dimensional applique technique I like to use. The circle design you can see on the left is Karen's logo which she wanted displayed somewhere on the quilt. I duplicated it in paint and appliqued it on as the other items.

On the back of the quilt is baseball fabric as a tribute to the boys who won their summer championship!

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