January 26, 2009


What I can say when asked
It used to be a red/mauve faux treatment.
Now, a standard issue beige.

~Looking in the front door.~
Fabric, projects, patterns and stuff. The wicker thing is filled with (way too many) scraps. The top of the shelf is my ironing surface.

~Where I sew. And that IS organized.~
Under the table- more projects, fabrics and stuff.

~The view from my sewing desk.~
The little TV is a new edition, the antique portrait had to be raised up above it. It's my husband's grandparents wedding portrait. She was a seamstress, I can't part with it.

~Looking left from my sewing desk.~
The treadle is my husband's grandmother's, again I can't part with it. And my beloved Featherweight, a gift from my dear friend Susan. I love it and it always sits out as a source of inspiration to me. At night, sometimes I turn it on and enjoy the glow of it's little light.

Gone are the hideous valances. I don't think I will put anything back up on the windows. I love the openness, there is enough clutter below.... I put postcards above the windows, I will enjoy them there.
A few years ago the Guild I belong to hosted a sewing room tour. Members could sign up to show their space and other members traveled from place to place (kind of like the progressive dinner idea). A little snack or beverage was provided at each location and some members gave out favors. It was a fun day and inspiring to see how and where others create.
I hope you get to enjoy some time in your sewing space today!
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Shelley said...

Great idea about the 'progressive' sewing room tour. I so want to redo my sewing room, but don't have $$$ or physical ability to do much on my own..I'd like to paint or put up paneling of some type...right now it's just the horizontal boards of an unfinished room in this old farmhouse; need shelving etc...but I love to see other's spaces and dream! Your place is very nice...I'd like to display art and things too...I'm such a clutter bug no one would see them!

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

Your space looks great! Wide open with all that light coming in. I love how you displayed your postcards. I am loving the frame, practicing several times a day, thank you again for all your help.