January 2, 2009

So Many Colors

Admittedly, I'm a self proclaimed thread slob...... They look so much nicer when they are
nicely wound back up.
  • New Year's Resolution- To deal with the thread situation better.

Above are a few lilies which I've been working on to go on the diamond pieced quilt. The stabilizer needs to be removed and leaves and stems will be added.

^Here is one with the stabilizer removed. ^
~What is your favorite color?~

You will be entered to win the Winter Giveaway shown below if you tell me. (see details on my 12/31/08 blog post, also click the snowflake to the right to find other participants.)

So, what is your favorite color?

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Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

It is hard to choose only one color, but I guess it is teal. Fuschia is a close second! Love the items in your give-away. I think that is my phone!

Turtles In Alaska said...

I Love those flowers! And I am bad with thread too! I hang the cones so those dont look so bad but the thread in the house just is shoved in a box!

Guilitta said...


First I wish you a very happy new year. I like to win, please be so kind and enter my name in the give a way box.

My favorite colour is blue. I think many people have this als the favorite, but I rearly like it best!

I would kind from you send an email wenn I winn, because I go to hospital and cant look. My husband will check the mails. Its in my blogprofil. Thank you very much.

Greeting Guilitta from germany

Shelley said...

I love the greens. I want to make a diamond quilt all in greens with a few purple diamonds thrown in for's in my some day file....Love your giveaway prize. THanks for participating.