January 16, 2009

~Little Things~

~A notecard~
Using little leftover pieces of Timtex or even little batting scraps, I like to make mini quilts and stick them to the cover of a notecard. This is a nice alternative to the fabric postcard, when a little more space is required for writing a note. When mailing -you may need a little added postage to cover the weight, but when you think of what store bought cards cost the few cents extra postage on the envelope is a little trade off.

Plus, homemade is good.

~Tying and burrying supplies~
I like a little, pointy, short, large-eyed needle, a little needle threader and little scissors.
~A little treasure kit~

This will be used specifically for my tying off supplies. Of course the kit had to have a little embellishment.

I found the idea in the January/February 2009 issue of Cloth/Paper/Scissors, page 72. It is just the cutest little thing, I had to make it. I will post a finished picture, when it IS finished, in a little bit.
Finally, today was a gorgeous, sunny, winter day where the sky was the best shade of blue and the snow on the ground sparkled like little diamonds.

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