January 11, 2009

A Work in Progress

A colored sketch of a little piece I'm working on.

The picture is not the greatest, I was having trouble with Picasa and once I posted the picture I noticed the right corner had a bad glare. Oh well... soon I'll post the real thing and by then I'll have figured out the editing. (maybe). The sketch is just a rough idea. I always start from a sketch and then add and subtract as I go. The folds in the paper are used for measurement and help me place my applique pieces onto the fabric. This is for the MQX charity challenge, so I'm working within the color palate of the fabrics provided. They are subtle and calming and I'm enjoying the process of hand and machine applique.

I was poking around on line looking for some embroidery stitches and came across "How Color Affects Us" by Nora Creeach (2004) posted on the CQ MagOnline. I thought it was interesting, seeing I have been thinking about color lately. See below or click the CQ link and find out what your favorite color is telling about you!

  • Red-Passion, aggression, excitement, attention, power, anger and war.

  • Pink-Softness, warmth (with some characteristics of red), romance, sweet and feminine.

  • Orange-Exotic and wild (also some characteristics of red).

  • Yellow-Sunny, happy, active and encourages creativity.

  • Green-Nature, trees, grass, restful, quality,solidity, greed, illness and jealousy.

  • Blue-Water, sky, serenity, relaxed calm, loyal and depressing.

  • Purple-Royalty, expensive, grandeur, power and anger.

  • Black-Serene, elegant, quality, power, stealth, strength, sinister, darkness, bad and death.

  • White-Cold, plain, elegant, purity and diets.

*And don't forget to leave your favorite color in the comment section. You will be entered into the giveaway posted on 12/31/08. The winning name will be drawn and posted on the evening of 1/15/09.*

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