April 17, 2009

It's a Winner!

Thomas' "Kids Can Quilt" entry earned a 4th place ribbon at Machine Quilter's Expo. I'm proud he took on the challenge. It was fun to see the kid's quilt exhibit.

Tomorrow's quilters.

And, real men can quilt.... There was some phenomenal work in the special exhibit made by men.

''Ode' to Lukie'

A tribute to our little, blue parakeet earned a second place ribbon in the charity challenge.

It's a little stressful entering a quilt in a show, filling out the paperwork, finishing on time, sending the quilt, etc.... But it's all good in the long run.... and if no one entered quilts in shows, there wouldn't be shows to go to.

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Debra said...

Congratulations to Thomas! I knew he had a winner! and how hard is it going to be to give that quilt away?