April 20, 2009

More Inks

The Tsukineko inks were used to color in the above image. I know, I thought I wasn't going to use them this way again, but then I thought about these neat images. The image above was traced from the book of patterns and instructions for American Needlework. I picked up this box of patterns at a flea market several years ago. It has $5 penciled on the cover, though, I know I got it for something like 25 cents. I love to find old stuff like this. (Now that I say that, I should be careful using the old word.. it's copyright is 1963... I am older.) The colored blocks are from another quilt that didn't work out, so I cut them apart and pieced them back together with the white scraps. It is rather boring right now, I admit. But, I will continue to decorate the white areas with the inks, add lots of quilting and embellishment. I think this will be my contemporary crazy piece for Crazy for Quilts. Check out the info for the Alliance for American Quilts here.

I purchased my inks at the MQX show. They can be purchased as a kit, or in individual pots. The kits come in various colorways. A search for Tsukineko inks will probably bring up quite a few purchasing options. If they are available at craft stores, I would guess they would be with the scrap booking supplies.
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Anonymous said...
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McIrish Annie said...

congrats on winning at MQX! I saw your quilt at the show and pictures don't do it justice. I didn't realize your son also won! walking in mom's big footsteps!

Glad that my QOV arrived safely. Your picture shows the true colors. I'm very excited that an award winning longarmer is quilting my humble QOV.

have a great day!

Lynn Douglass said...

Love what you've done with the inks! It makes me want to dig mine out and actually use them again!

Congratulations on a mother/son win at MQX!

Debra said...

It looks like I am going to have to bid on this CQ quilt!