October 9, 2009

Creative Prompts and a recover....

Jaye at artquiltmaker continues to provide a creative prompt/week. This week she threw in a surprise prompt: Purple.

I was compelled to doodle out my memory of 'Harold and the Purple Crayon'. Great, little, first-reader books. My son loved them. Harold was always doodling out really cool adventures using only his purple crayon.


Who doesn't love a freshly sharpened pencil using a hand crank sharpener?



Admittedly, this was quick.(they all were, actually) But I do love the Crab Apple tree out the sewing room window. The birds stop to nest and sing.


And this was a rescue. The flowers and leaves were recycled from another project. They will be much happier here.

It started as the piece shown below- to be a handbag. Really. Where was I going carrying that? The dork parade? Thankfully I stopped myself... Anyway. The flowers are not attached, but in the coming days I'll work on it and post how I finished it off.

In other news...
I cleaned the sewing room and put up new lights. Tacky, but I can see. ya!
I counted my unfinished projects. Do you have a lot? ugh.
The quilt work is piling up and my head is swimming with ideas.
It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow.
Eperson is 'out' from PR. I liked him.
The Sox lost last night.


Quilt Rat said...

Love your prompt responses......the response for purple could not be more perfect!

Debra said...

that's funny. . . . the dork parade. That's how I feel about alot of the "creative" clothes quilters make & wear. Yikes!

Sherri D said...

You're quite the artist! Loved the pencil sharpener. :)