October 19, 2009

Look~ quiltlet

Using the creative prompt Look and mostly recycled items, I finished my Look quiltlet.

If you haven't been reading along - click the cow in the sidebar and you will find info on the creative prompts. I've challenged myself a step further to take my responses and create a 12 x 12 quiltlet, using found items in the sewing room or a previously collected stash - nothing will be purchased specifically for this project.

The pair of glasses are my original doodle. For the quiltlet I painted them and added the lenses from the plastic bag the Boston Globe is delivered in. The letters were cut from various quilting magazines - it says Look what I made using recycled stuff.

The small pieces of metal are from some type of broken hand held device found in the junk drawer and soda can pulls. Christmas tree lights wrapped with wire are hung from thread scraps. There is a dial from something, a spring from something else and a circle cut from a Fiber One bar.

The round balls are the beads I made from newspaper and there are two water bottle tops. The plastic looking strips are from recycled food wrapping that was washed, dried and used under a painting project to protect the counter. Once I was finished with the painting project I used a heat gun and the plastic wrap shrunk up and created a cool texture.

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This is probably my least favorite quiltlet to look at, but my most favorite to make. Funny.


Oh, and my husband was wondering why he hadn't received a 'shout out' recently on the blog..... -so here you go honey-

Over my longarm is a row of lights. They are bright, so I can see what I'm doing..... He wondered if the lights were too bright, and maybe I should wear a Minor's visor to protect my eyes. (?) Thanks honey. I'll consider it.... and offer your suggestion up here for any other longarmers who might want to invest in a Minor's visor.



Sherri D said...

Very clever. Did you mean for it to "look" like someone swimming? I didn't see that it was a pair of glasses until I read the words on your blog! It looks like someone swimming! :)

Libby Fife said...

You are inventive! Can I send you the contents of my kitchen catch all drawer? LOL! Great results:)

Quilt Rat said...

This is such a great piece, I love that you were able to combine so many things from the junk drawer I really like the pop can pulls and the circle from the Fiber One Bar? well it is fibre art after all!

Thanks for popping by my blog and especially that wonderful comment.