October 24, 2009

Sampling some green squares for the background of Mulligan Lake.
-boring work-

A recent finish. Linda's quilt- she does nice work, great colors and the prairie points add a nice dimension.

Being inspired by her bright colors against black and using my original kit for a pattern - I went to work on another. I was asked a few times for the directions, so I'll take measurements along the way and post later. There are many ways to make an art pencil kit, mine is really easy and can be tweaked to any size.

-In other news-
We had winter, spring, fall and back to winter wrapped into this week.
The Yankees play the Angels tonight. In case you didn't know... If you are not a true Yankees fan you are an Angels fan by default. That's just how it is even if you don't care. Long live the Rally Monkey. (though, I think that's the stupidest thing....)
I think Nicholas got voted off of PR, I didn't see the whole show. I'll have to watch next week. Where is the drama this year, btw? My interest is wavering.
-happy weekend-


Vicki W said...

This year of PR is incredibly dull. This episode was pretty good though and I am thrilled to see Nicholas go.

Quilt Rat said...

I like the colour wash look of those greens.
I've got news for you, come by and see :-)

Kay said...

I don't know that pattern you're working on, but I like it. I hope you show more.