October 15, 2009

recycling in progress and Mulligan Lake

~A continuation of look what I can make with recycled cr#%!~
Using cut shapes from: sample paint strips, expired raffle tickets a fluorescent warranty card (the Spanish version), painted coffee filters and dryer sheets, I glue stuck them to the dork foundation. Over everything I put a layer of black organza and quilted it down.

I didn't want the quilting thread to be another element in this already mish mashed piece, so I went ahead and used clear thread. Clear thread is not a preferred thread of mine, but it does have it's place for stitching in the ditch and invisible applique. In this instance, however, it worked fine for quilting.

The layer of organza changed the look of the colors completely. I never would have tried this had I not been doing these quiltlet self challenges. For an art quilt, it gave a a neat translucent look. I will try it again.


For some reason I thought Mulligan Lake needed a fence that ran on the right side at the bottom of the hill. Using an off white fabric I sampled a fence, thinking - quilting lines for weeds and vines. Maybe tiny beads for color. I realized the fence was a little too big, and totally looked like a juvenile barnyard fence.

A similar, smaller version of a stone fence (shown below) might be more appropriate. Oh, and I finished the left side of the 'inlet' but forgot the pix and I'm contemplating doing the background, behind the hills - as pieced squares set on the diagonal. Not sure. I hear this weekend's weather is supposed to be inside weather - good for sewing weather. So I will see what I can come up with then.

And tonight is Guild night which is always entertaining for a variety of reasons. I'm sure tonight won't disappoint.


Quilt Rat said...

AWESOME! absolutely love this.
'Look' what you've done with cr@#% indeed.

Libby Fife said...

So I have been lurking for a bit. I do love the commentary since it seems to be similar to the conversations I have with myself when I am working!

Thanks again-I have been enjoying your blog:)

Kay said...

The recycled "stuff" turned out wonderfully! Great colors and composition. And the reworked piece is looking good too. You inspire me to get something done--I hope.