November 19, 2008

The Cello Quilt

I was able to obtain a picture of my friend Shari's Cello quilt. (That is is Shari standing with the quilt.) Isn't the quilt amazing? (well- Shari is too, but we are here to talk about the quilt) It is created with log cabin blocks. The outer log border Shari stitched a continuous musical staff. On this staff she painted the notes of four favorite songs of the retiring WCS Strings director, for whom this quilt was made. Songs include the first song any student entering into the strings program would learn and A Mighty Fortress is our God (which the quilt was named).The songs were played at the final concert of the year when the quilt was presented. On the light cream blocks including the cello, each strip has a date and signature or printed name of every student who ever participated in the strings program during the director's 27 year term. If that was not enough: faculty members, family members, concert dates, competition dates, competition tours/ trips, passions, inspirational and Biblical phrases were included. Nearly each white and cream strip has something written/printed on it. The dark side of the log cabin blocks were made with rich brown and black fabrics, both to represent the beautiful wood of a string instrument and the traditional black and white dress of orchestra participants. Many of the fabrics were musical themed or had some special meaning which related to the director's passions, interests etc... No detail was forgotten and the construction was impeccable.

Then, I had to quilt it. The stress!.... The quilt played it's own music, it needed nothing. My job was to stick the layers together and let it shine without interrupting it's beautiful music. It took me awhile to decide how to quilt it. Finally, in the cello I stitched a feather fill, the brown sections I put a tiny winding feather vine and in the cream area a large heart vine. A basic stipple completed the outer edge. This is probably my favorite quilt to have stitched to this date.

While the quilt is no longer Shari's as she has gifted it to the now retired Mrs. Kuder, I have encouraged Shari to borrow it back and enter it into some shows for 2009. It really is one of those quilts that needs to be seen, it is striking in a photo, but up close it is quite fabulous and inspiring.

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Anonymous said...

The Cello quilt is stunning and I am glad you posted a picture on your blog. I know the artist of the quilt and her workmanship is always impecable, I wish I could view this quilt in person. I am sure your quilting only made the beauty of the quilt more magnificent. Congratulations to you both on a wonderful work of art and I hope the recipient of the quilt realizes the labor of love that was poured into making it.