November 1, 2008

The Empty Nest

As I walk through my house I hear the sound of hollow, empty space. Approximately 30 of my quilts are out on display. Without all that cloth hanging around, the house feels cold and empty. I'm honored to be the Featured guest at Charlton Sewing Center where over 20 of my quilts will be on display for the month of November. The Charlton Sewing Center is( a must see quilt shop if you live or are visiting in or around Massachusetts. Charlton is a stone's throw from the historic Village of Sturbridge. The Sewing Center is housed in an antique church which boasts all of the charm of New England History. Not only is the shop bursting with charm, but you can find just about any fabric, notion or embellishment you may need (or want). If you are a threadaholic, you will love the extensive collection of both sewing and quilting threads, I think is the best in the area. Also, on display are several antique sewing machines and if you hit the shop just right, you may get to hear Cathy Racine, (the shop's proprietor) play the organ which is original to the antique church.

Three of my quilts will also be displayed at The Quilter's Gathering (aka EQA Eastcoast Quilter's Alliance). The show is November 6-9 at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire. One of my quilting Sistahs: Shari, also has two of her beautiful quilts on display.A few of the sistahs plan to attend the show and we are sure to have a great day. (We will need some Wingman stick-to-itiveness at this show....)

The quilt you see posted here is The Golden Chain of Friendship, and is one of the quilts displayed at Charlton. This remains as one of my favorite quilts which I made for a quilting sistah. She was kind enough to lend it back to me for the display.

Now, to try and get back into some quilting focus. I put some stitching into a quilt that I don't care for, instead of buckling down and removing it.... I've found countless other things to do. Posted by Picasa

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