November 23, 2008

Something about Nothing

This really doesn't have to do with anything other than the fact I thought it was pretty cool to look at. We have a man made pond in the back with a water fall. It has been cold the past few days and the water coming down the falls did not freeze, but a sheath has formed over the falls. It was neat to watch as it formed, almost before your eyes if you watched closely. As the water came down the falls the splash off first fell to the rocks on both sides, soon that became the sheath. It grew bigger towards the center of the falls as the water splashed on the now existing ice sheath. Both sides eventually met in the center. Man made nature at it's best.

The birds love it. The past few days they have hung out at the top of the falls bathing, splashing and drinking. The Morning Doves line the rocks and actually will lay down spreading their wings. They look dead, but are sunbathing.

It's fun to watch, although, can be a huge source of a time waster. Life is short, so why not?
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