November 17, 2008

Diamonds are Together

This past weekend was the Guild get a way. It's a fun and inspiring time to share with fellow members, I think there were approximately 50 women who attended. It's neat to see every one's projects in various stages of progress; some old, some new. I was finally able to get all of my diamonds together. Now that they are together, I'm thinking I will change my focus a little and run them horizontally rather than vertically. Willy Nilly as some will say. I'm okay with it, for now.

Tonight I plan to stitch some squares together for the border. I shall use my beloved Featherweight as a tribute to a dear lady, Caroly, who lost her battle with cancer one year ago.

While I was gone a fellow blogger tagged me with a fun award. When I have some minutes to do some blog housekeeping I shall pass the game along. It will be fun!

Hope you are having a nice day. It is sunny and crisp in New England where most of the leaves are down and the sky is a beautiful blue.
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