November 22, 2008

Holiday Cards

While I should have been doing other things like binding a customer's quilt or cleaning my own house, I was making more post cards. These rich fall colors will be some of my Thanksgiving Greetings. The photo is not the greatest and I added the antique keys to fill in some of that white space. I 'spose I was trying to be kind of artful with my photography; not sure it worked... I had fun making the cards none-the-less.

I'm going to have the kids help me make some Holiday cards, tomorrow. We will plan to send them to the United States Service men and woman. You may find more about it here. I will add an address on the bottom of this post if you would like to participate. But please read the guidelines on the link, first. Or, you can check your local newspapers in your area as I have seen drop off stations listed in my own papers.

Once you've read the guidelines, mail your cards before Wednesday, December 10, to:
Holiday Mail for Heroes
P. O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456
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Vicki W said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I think I will send some of my Christmas postcards to this effort - thanks for the link!