November 29, 2008

Practicing on the DSM

Since I started using the longarm, the quilting I did on the DSM was like doo-doo, I was all thumbs. Yesterday after attaching two bindings (which is a job I can't stand doing) I practiced a little on some scrap pink fabric. It took awhile, then I ran out of bobbin thread and stopped. I don't have stitch regulator on this machine and it was hard to get back into the grove of moving the fabric. I do rely quite heavily on the SR on my longarm. All in all I was happy I spent the time practicing. I may use this little piece for an eyeglass case or another cell phone purse for someone.

I don't like to use quilting gloves, although, if I have to I find Machingers are the best. I prefer to use Lickity Grip and was happy to find a replacement box of it. It is a sticky substance you can put on your fingertips and it allows you to get a good hold of your piece without wearing anything on your hands.
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Smiles! Becca said...

Thats on your DSM! I bow to your excellence!