September 4, 2009

another quiltlet and a button

I used the Kindness creative prompt for my second quiltlet. After tea staining the copied image, I decided it wasn't dark enough, and added paints. It turned greenish for some reason, I went with it- adding more greens and pinks.

The background is some type of fancy fabric. I'm not sure what you would call it; it's wrinkly, crinkly, shiny and silky, but it's not silk. I used a fusible interfacing to give it some stability while I quilted it. It would make a lovely quilted garment.

The quilting shows better on the back, below. It was a good exercise in quilting blindly- the sheen of the fabric made it difficult to see where I was stitching. I used Invisafil 100wt thread. I like that thread.

.....for now, the quiltlets are stuck to the wall......

And remember the button with the feathered design? I also found this little butterfly and star design, so tiny and sweet.


Kay said...

That's a lovely little quiltlet. I particularly like the fringe at the bottom.

Beena said...

I do love your quiltlets, and hope you'll make more!

I like the details on this latest one...the ring on the hand, and flowers on the fingernails...the delicate fringe on the bottom.

The green looks great, especially where you've added pinks. No one would know you hadn't initially planned it this way. The tea must have reacted with the copier inks. If you try again, tea stain and dry first, copy afterwards...and let us know how that works!

The quilting looks great, as always!

Quilt Rat said...

OUTSTANDING!!!! I love that greenish hue btw.
Maybe those gorgeous quiltlets could be photographed and become calendar art.....what do you think?