September 28, 2009

awakening quiltlet

Below is the CPP image colored with pencils and copied on Printed Treasures. Mistakenly, I heat set my colors without removing the paper back; then it was impossible to peel. I soaked it to loosen the paper and while that was laying out to dry....

I pulled this bag out.

Inside are scraps of linen, table cloths, napkins, silks, velvet, poly, cheese cloth..... Last year a few friends got together and dyed fabric. I didn't have enough ppd white, so I threw in whatever I had.

I abandoned the print and went with this vintage napkin from the bag.

The design was stitched out with heavy black cotton then quilted with lavender thread.

Using some of the cut linen scraps I played around with some embellishment. Nothing is stitched so I'm sure it will change.

I found the miniature garden tools which I think I will use.

The lace piece is soaking in a strong cup of coffee. If it doesn't stain I don't think I'll use it.


Debra said...

I love the possibilities of hodge podge fabrics!!

Quilt Rat said...

Terrific piece! love your quilting too.