September 13, 2009

Creative Prompt~ ~ ~ ~

A quiltlet made with my Bold Creative Prompt.

If you are not familiar with the CPP, click the cow in the sidebar to the right - She will direct you to Jaye's blog, where the CPP info is posted. Bold, I think, has been my most challenging prompt. Perhaps, simplicity itself, can make a bold statement?
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The painted quilt for a friend.

Progress has slowed. - I used (and knew better) a white cotton batt. The batt is migrating, causing unsightly lint threads and wads on the front. When bound, I'm hoping a good de linting will take care of the problem.
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Sedum certainly is not a showy, bold perennial, but it sure makes it's own statement from spring into fall. I love in the spring, when it pops through the ground, then matures through it's shades of green. Now, the tiny pink flowers. It will be one of the last to loose it's burgundy color in late fall.

My photos have not been enlarging when clicked. Not sure why.....


Beena said...

Blogger does that to me sometimes, too...not allowing my pics get enlarged when clicked on. I notice if I start my post and the type is being underlined, that the pics will get enlarged when you click on them. I have no idea what that's all about!

Love your bold Creative Prompt quiltlet, and the heart! And I do think your linty (bearding?) problem with the other pretty piece will stop after you finish the quilt and run a lint brush across it. Though if handled a lot, you may have to de-lint again.

Quilt Rat said...

You have outdone yourself this time, I adore what you did with your "bold" response and source is stunning I LOVE it!

SewCalGal said...

Absolutely beautiful. I can't wait till you write a book as I want to buy a copy....hopefully soon!

I'm going to need to check with Beena for her trick on prohibiting photos from getting enlarged. I haven't figured out how to control that yet.

Thanks for sharing.


Debra said...

Source is definitely a favorite of mine!

Sue B said...

Love that quiltlet!

Kay said...

Love the "Bold" quiltlet, and the witch. I transfered a black and white witch last week. Never thought of trying to invert it. Very clever. Like the orange filter too. I did do that :)

Kay said...

Duh, Kathy! I was whipping through blogs so fast, I thought Beena's witch was a post of yours, as well as the Bold quilt. Sorry. Bold is still beautiful!

Quilt Rat said...

Come by and visit me......i have an award for you

Jaye said...

I love source! It is fabulous. I love to see what people think of as their sources. I like to think it is a window into people's minds, but people are complex, so you never know.

Don't worry about being behind. Do what you can.